The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole 

Tesco Baker Bread (Thick) toasted using Quantum (Model ET-275) toaster, paraffin wax, raffia string


Sharing its title with Kuo Pao Kun’s seminal play of a man who had the strange mishap of encountering a burial site that was too small for his grandfather' coffin, Chun’s installation references a similar situation.

While living in Glasgow and shopping for groceries, the artist had bought a loaf of bread from Tesco, thinking that bread of a larger size would translate to extra savings. Upon using the toaster, he realised that the bread was too big for the toaster.

The gesture of displaying the pieces of unevenly toasted bread on a bunting seemed a little excessive - a bold way of airing your grievances to the world, especially for something as seemingly trivial as less than perfect bread. Hung low, the bunting strays far from its usual celebratory connotations, looking consolatory in its almost fallen state.