Still Alive (Series)

HD video with sound

Each video is approximately a minute

Usually presented as a selection of 3-5 videos from the series in accordance to the context of an exhibition

2012 - ongoing 

Still Alive is an on-going series of short videos taken every year, shot in places where the artist inhabits. Looking back at the title as a suggestion, Still Alive appears as an assertion of one’s presence, serving as a possible reminder of the embodied experience. To register the knowledge that you are still alive is to stake a claim in the space of the world, externalising the understanding that because we exist, embodied in flesh and bone, we are alive. Can that same claim be applied to objects – who, like us, occupy space in present time and are paradoxically dispensable and indispensable?

In Chun’s videos, he films a world inhabited by objects, devoid of human presence. The videos, all less than a minute, focus intently on objects in their various states of ‘being’.

Untitled (Knives on Stoves) shows several knives laid atop the kitchen stove, the blades lighting up from prolonged exposure to the fire. Untitled (Running Tap In Front of Dish-washing Liquid) portrays a simple kitchen scene of green dish-washing liquid stretching out along the frame of the video accompanied by the rhythmic sound of water running. Untitled (Constipated Toothpaste) depicts a tube of toothpaste gently squeezed, in a caressing motion, until a tricolour rainbow emerges.

Guided less by a defined narrative and more by the sway of the moment, Chun obscures much of his own presence in the making of these videos, offering a bracket of space for the object to just be. He attempts to capture the objects off guard in their natural state, with little interference from the human hand.