Parasitic Nature (Version 1)

Fluorescent light lamp, dog dental rings, clear bin liner



Parasitic Nature (Version 2)

Installation at the entrance of an underground car-park transformed as an art space, daylight fluorescent lamps, black bin liners, flag pole mounts adjusted to 30 degrees angle



Parasitic Nature (Version 3)

Coloured fluorescent lamps, black bin liners, flag pole mounts


Parasitic Nature demonstrates Chun’s continued interest in peripheral objects, exploring their multiple functions whilst teasing out other latent capabilities.

Several fluorescent tubes are mounted onto a flag pole holder with black bin liners draped over their tips like makeshift flags. Beyond its presence as an ambient banner to illuminate a dark space, it also doubles as an armature, providing a modular structure in which other elements can be perched upon, enabling multiple variations of the same fixture. The light fixture becomes a basic method of gathering materials together for display, like a bunting or a skewer, allowing the artist to easily compose alternate forms just by remixing the content.