a  lifetime of warranties

latent spaces


ownership is the most intimate relationship that one can have to objects. not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them.
— Walter Benjamin

LATENT SPACES is proud to present a solo exhibition by Singaporean artist Chun Kai Qun. Chun is interested in the study of object biographies given our inadequate understanding of how they texture and inform human identity. He examines everyday objects as a reflection of personal tastes, attributes, moral principles and social ideals. 

Through this exhibition A Lifetime of Warranties, Chun presents three central reflections. First, he is of the view that perhaps we are put here on earth to assuage life’s sufferings, to make them more suffer-able. Next, he is interested in developing an ongoing series of sculptural works. They are primarily performed to accentuate specific moods to experience the exhibition, or as forms of punctuations inserted to aid, or disrupt interpretation. Finally, he is partial to the recurrent use of an object as an avatar. These concerns may or may not manifest distinctly in his body of works but they are invariably integral to his philosophical approach towards art-making. 

In responding to the ambiguity of the function Haw Par Villa plays today, Chun has created a video montage called My Passed Life- featuring footages from Haw Par Villa juxtaposed with day-to-day places in Singapore such as a HDB void deck or a MRT train station. Loosely based on the Buddhist notion of the cycle of reincarnation, Chun hopes to draw attention that such endless suffering of deaths and rebirths can perhaps be mitigated by reducing our desires. In this context, Chun expresses a longing to be an object, his choice being a standing fan. Admittingly, this proposition may be one of escapism. Yet, in existing outside the sovereign human subject, an object can be a means of reflecting the psychic density and existential inscrutability of the human experience. Perhaps therein lies its merit as of now.