Every Day Above Ground Makes A Good Day

Braveheart silk tartan, dog leads, oscillating fan, electrical cables, steel curtain pole, clamping devices


Furthering the artist’s sculptural and visual interests in levitating things and suspending them off the ground, Every Day Above Ground Makes A Good Day features an electrical fan wrapped in tartan, hanging haphazardly in between the stairwell. Its resemblance to a crime scene alludes to the third-hand stories of grisly murders that the artist has heard. Swathed in special tartan (aptly called ‘Braveheart’), the fan continues to oscillate, emitting a rough breathing sound.

The installation is heavily drawn from Chun’s experience of being based overseas for the first time where his sense of displacement was helpfully assuaged by familiar objects in his surroundings. When shopping online at Argos, he was comforted by the familiarity of certain appliances that seemed to have followed him from Singapore. One such appliance was the fan. Fans in Singapore were used as a cooling device but considering Glasgow’s temperate climate, its presence in shopping malls had struck him as peculiar. As he sought for the fan’s purpose relative to its own context, he found increasing parallels between him and the fan, both of whose purposes in Glasgow still remained undefined.