Are You Ready to Rejoin Society? (Version 1)

Holographic film, faux gold frame, clear bin liners, hinge



Are You Ready to Rejoin Society? (Version 2)

Black bin liners, laser-cut acrylic, picture frame, TV wall mount with swivel arm


Are You Ready To Rejoin Society? was conceptualised and produced with the intention of existing as an unremarkable piece, occupying a quiet crevice in an exhibition. Its construction references peripheral objects that appear inconspicuous, rarely warranting our attention.

The artwork functions as a representation of the artist – a snapshot of his practice within the dynamics of a group exhibition. But, Chun’s desire to make an art object peripheral to the show and visitors’ gaze also destabilises its status. Removing it from the proverbial plinth, he consigns the art object to a corner where it does not clamour for attention.

Its position as both an artwork and a simulacrum of a peripheral object is alluded to in the question disguised also as the title, “are you ready to rejoin society?” The passage from the realm of the everyday to an art context is not uncommon. Day-to-day paraphernalia are accumulated and fashioned into art objects. A dustbin is reimagined as an artwork with clear bin liners thrusted through a wooden frame painted gold and given a holographic finishing. But what if we considered a backwards transition – the art object being transplanted back to the everyday? What is the fate of an artwork post-exhibition? Could it be recycled into another work, broken down to functional parts, or would it also occupy the same peripheral corner in the artist’s studio?